Lendico, a borrower and lenders meeting point


Lendico loans, the structure of the financial markets in many countries is to have different platforms for borrowers and lenders. One of the consequences of this kind of structure is that the transaction and facilitation costs are very high. One business entity trying to change this common scenario is Lendico.

Lendico South Africa is part of Africa Internet Holding and is backed by Rocket Internet, Millicom and MTN.This business concern has become the ideal meeting point for lenders and borrowers who are trying to avoid the high costs associated with commercial banks. By using this digital alternative, borrowers get better rates and investors get better returns.

Borrowers are glad to do business here because there are great rates, simple and fast online process tailored to your individual needs in a transparent, fair and secure manner. Lenders also reap solid returns, high credit quality, monthly cash flow as well as the fulfillment feeling of helping real people and their stories.

Those who wish to borrow can simply go online on Lendico website and introduce themselves, get a personalised loan rate, upload supporting documents, Lendico will then introduce your loan project to investors who will then fund your loan. Loan projects are usually funded within a few days, and the loan amount will be directly transferred to your bank account.

For those who want to lend and invest, you simply go online on Lendico website and open an investors account, select a preferred loan project starting from only R250, once a loan project has been fully funded Lendico will ask you via e-mail to transfer your investment amount, you are then entitled each month to receive principal and interest payments.

Lendico can be contacted on 010 – 5009788


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