Letsatsi debt consolidation


The world is currently experiencing the worst levels of indebtedness. People, companies and even nations are caught in a borrow and spend cycle that results in ever-increasing debt loads.The slipperly slope is activated by financial commitments such as education, health, home renovation, vehicle purchases which are far beyond ones means of income.The need to pay off this debt in a less burdensome manner becomes of the essence. One financial institution in South Africa assisting in this regard is Letsatsi.

Letsatsi is a Sesotho word which means “sun”.True to its meaning, this fast growing business house is giving light to many indebted individuals and families by providing debt consolidation loans.This loan allows customers to streamline different debt streams such as personal loans, store cards, credit cards into one.

The benefits of this consolidation loan being offered cash amounts of up to R100,000,1 monthly installment,1 to 36 months repayment period and the convenience of servicing only 1 loan as opposed to many loans at once.To apply for this credit, one needs to have an original ID book, 2 months payslips, 3 months bank statements and settlement letters.

Letsatsi finance and loan can be contacted on 0112346515 and trained consultants will be at hand to assist and answer questions.


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