Lexus financial services

lexus financial services

Lexus is one of the most revered motor vehicle brands around the world. Established in 1983, this brand is now sold globally and has become Japans largest selling make of premium cars and its marketed in over 70 countries around the world. As part of its global expansion, Lexus has not only been offering motor vehicles in South Africa but has diversified to offer financial products. Lexus offers instalment finance, lease finance and the premier drive.

With Lexus financial services instalment finance has been tailored to allow the customer to become the owner of the vehicle at the end of the agreement, provided all due amounts under the agreement have been paid. The instalment repayment period is set between 6 to 60 months but the customer has the option of lowering monthly payments by adding the final balloon payment or have equal instalments monthly for the duration of the agreement. This type of agreement suits private individuals, self employed individuals or business owners who want to won the asset at the end of the agreement.

The lease finance deal gives a customer the right to use the Lexus vehicle of choice for an agreed period, during which time you pay monthly rentals and there is an option of acquiring ownership or extending the lease. Benefits include the fact that you avoid tying up working capital and rentals can be claimed as expense against tax. This type of agreement will suit you if you are using the asset to generate income or receive a car allowance.

Lexus premier drive gives customers the privilege of accessing the range of luxury hybrids such as sedans, sports cars, SUVs and convertibles. Repayment periods under this one run between 24 to 60 months. The benefits include the fact that there is no deposit required and there is reduced motoring cost.

Lexus can be contacted on 0861101745.


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