LG G Flex 2 Review

South Korean company LG may be renowned for its electronic products globally, but its foray into the smartphone arena has been with merit, with the company achieving moderate success in recent years. One of the company’s most recent releases is the LG G Flex 2.  

The concave G Flex 2 is a follow up to 2013’s G Flex. While the latter was an acceptable model by smartphone standards, it seems that LG has been working hard to improve its phone models. This version has new dimensions and a much better display.

With improved camera features, the phone features a slight curve from top to bottom – there’s a subtle bow in the middle. Although it takes some time getting your head around the fact that it’s a curved Android phone, it has a flexible and durable build.

The 5.5 inch screen makes the phone more manageable. The screen is also easier to see in sunlight and it also has high resolution P-OLED 1080 pixels touchscreen. You won’t have to worry about scratching the screen as it offers more durability. The specially coated Gorilla Glass 3 makes it 20% more durable.

What works for the LG G Flex 2?

  • The phone is quite lightweight for its size of 152g and has a removable back where a microSIM card can be located.
  • The phone boasts a self-healing back, so it can recover from light scratches in about 10 seconds.
  • The phone has no buttons on its frame as well as a speedy Snapdragon 810 chip.
  • It has a comfortable arched design.
  • The Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system puts the LG G Flex 2 right at the top with the best smartphones.

What works against the LG G Flex 2?

  • The camera takes muted photos
  • Performance can be slow at times


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