LG G4 – Powerful Smartphone Package

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The G4 is the flagship smartphone from Korean company LG for 2015. Its predecessor, the G3 was quite popular in 2014, so this device has some high expectations to fulfil.

Its great design is a major drawcard, while other features are improved versions of the G3.

The phone has a bright 5.5 inch quad HD display, encased in a super thin bezel. Users will be happy to know that the device has a removable back cover, which means there’s a removable battery. Weighing only 155g, the G4 packs a lot of power into its sleek design. The quad- HD IPS LCD is super crisp with 1440 x 2560 pixel resolution.

The 32GB of flash can be expanded by up to 128GB using a micro SD slot. Also included in the package is assisted GPS and Glonass support.

The phone has a dual core 1,8Ghz Cortex A57 and a quad core 1,4Ghz Cortex A53 processor paired to an Adreno 418 graphics processor. 3GB of RAM accompanies Wi-Fi with dual-band support, while the camera includes face-detection technology and simultaneous video and image recording.

The camera is one of the most impressive features on this phone. The 16 megapixel primary shooter has wide aperture, which ensures the device delivers some of the best pictures in low-light conditions. The G4 camera operates noticeably faster than the G3 and comes with optical image stabilisation and assisted focusing.

Users can shoot video from 30fps (2K resolution) and the camera features an 8 megapixel sensor.

The G4 uses Android 5.1, the latest version of the Google Operating System. It also has a new feature called Smart Notice which is a widget that tells you about upcoming events and the weather. You can always replace this widget with any other of your choice.

A major let-down with the G4 is the poor battery life. This can be reduced by stopping any running background apps.

Overall, the LG G4 provides a powerful smartphone package and is one of the leading models on the market.


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