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Quite a number of aspects should be taken into consideration when one is buying a car especially to those who are not aware of the consequences associated with making a wrong choice. As of 31 October 2010, statistical data revealed by National Traffic Information System (eNaTIS) revealed that South Africa has 9 797 413 registered vehicles and 285 405 registered minibuses on its roads. The above statistics bear testimony of the country’s giant motor industry hence a reflection of massive presence of car related businesses which benefit from this industry.

Institutions such as the banking sector, insurance, the South Africa Police Services should never skip a buyer when they want to buy a car. All this information can be found in one place and this was made possible through the invention of an App called Auto live app by a company called Lightstone Auto Company. Lightstone is a dynamic company which provides comprehensive data, analytics systems on property, automotive and business assets.

The Auto live app employs state of the art technology to scan barcodes on a vehicle license disc and a driver’s license card, linking directly into Lightstone’s in-house and third party databases to deliver real time and accurate information on a vehicle and a person. The system is used in the insurance industry, motor dealer industry and banking environment.

Below are some of the features that are available on the Live app:

  • Vehicle verification: The feature allows the user to use a mobile phone’s camera to scan a vehicle’s license disc. The app scans and decrypts the bar code, validating the information on any vehicle and delivering real time accurate verification data for any vehicle offering the full details and verifying the VIN, make and model. The app also provides information such the vehicle’s current market value; transaction values of similar sales, warranty start date, financing house, accident history and police status. Apart from that, the app is able to take many images of the vehicle, stamping all records with GPS coordinates, date and time.
  • Driver’s license: The app scans and decrypts the 3D barcode of a South African driver’s license. This will tell if the license is valid thus reducing the risk of fraud and providing a mechanism for easily and accurately capturing driver details for contact information.
  • EzScore: It’s another feature that provides an indication of risk and financial affluence. Through this feature, a potential customer can sign consent on the mobile phone, and a dealer can determine the likelihood of a successful transaction.

Lightstone Auto App is a latest technology whose services are making an impact in the motor industry; the app is also means to counter any car and vehicle related crimes. Lightstone Auto can be contacted on 0860106389.


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