LoansDirect personal loans

loansdirect personal loans

A South African financial creditor, LoansDirect, is giving loans of up to R150 000 if the client meets the necessary requirements. According to information provided on its website, online pre-approval is done within five minutes.

To qualify for this financial facility, the applicant must earn more than R2 500 per month and have clear credit references and bank account details into which the client’s salary is paid handy. He should find out instantly if he qualifies and continue with the online application.

Regarding CalInsureDirect, clients who apply for this type of loan get the following benefits:

  • No excess options
  • Free tracker installation
  • Cash back
  • Home assistance (plumber/electrician/locksmith)
  • Emergence roadside services 24/7

The creditor allows its clients a choice of up to six insurance quotes, personalized broker service and discounted rates negotiated especially for a client.

Benefits concerning LoanDirect’s car financing are that a client:

  •  Is subject to validation, he could get approval of the loan within 24 hours.
  • Enjoys competitive interest rates as well as the choice of a fixed rate
  • Can choose to skip a payment on his car loan for one month every year
  • Has the option of covering himself in the event of death, disability, dread diseases and retrenchment

The creditor also offers LifeInsurance Direct whose benefits includes a cover with no medical examination required.


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