Locomute – First Car Sharing Service

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Car renting is a thriving business industry in many civilised countries. On the part of the customer, renting a car is necessitated by many factors such as saving wear and tear on your own car, avoiding adding mileage to your cars odometer which depreciates its value, getting better gas mileage than your own car or even just looking for a bigger vehicle with enough room for people and luggage. It is out of this growing demand that the market has seen the establishment of more car rental companies. One car rental service provider in the name of Locomute has however set itself apart from the rest.

Locomute is a business model that is similar to that of international car rental companies like Zipcar. Established by two South African professionals, this start up seeks to offer short term use of vehicles for as little as an hour at a time.

Accessing Locomute is very easy, users simply register online and apply to use the service.There is an app to download which can be used to check where vehicles are, make a booking and even unlock the vehicle. Members will be availed with a smartcard. Members can use any of the companys cars parked at specific locations or business zones for either one way or two way trips.

Once you are done using the car, you simply park it at the nearest Locomute parking facility or designated business zone at airports, transport stations and shopping malls. All trips are inclusive of fuel and insurance and Locomute picks up the e-toll charges.The good news also is that these cars are available 24 hours a day.

The cost implications for using this service are R499 initiation fee and a monthly fee of R45.There is also a variable hourly and per kilometer rate. Once off users are liable to pay a R119 fee in addition to a variable hourly and distance rate.

Locomute is certainly bound to impact the car rental business industry.



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