Logan Movie Review- Riveting X-Men Franchise Instalment


“Logan” is the latest film release from the X-Men film franchise, starring Hugh Jackman in the titular role.

Logan is essentially the story of Wolverine, post-X-Men, when the world no longer needs heroes and mutants are a thing of the past. The Western-style film is directed by James Mangold, who previously directed “The Wolverine.”

The movie is set in an alternate universe, separate to the X-Men franchise, as Wolverine tries to take care of a dying Professor X.

The film begins with Logan holed out near the U.S- Mexico border, keeping a low profile as a limo driver under yet another assumed identity.

Boyd Holbrook plays antagonist Pierce, a ruthless mercenary tasked with tracking Logan down and retrieving Laura, a young girl thrust into Logan’s care.

Laura (Dafne Keen), along with scores of other children, was created by a nefarious research firm to be child soldiers. They escaped and are heading to Canada to seek refuge. Logan initially sees no obligation to assist. Then he sees that Laura’s medical files have his name “James Howlett” written on them.

The film gives more grit and ambition to Logan’s story.

Wired commented:

“That rage-filled, drunk, foul-mouthed Logan who never got to fully surface in the previous X-Men movies is finally joining his buddy Deadpool in the world of grown-up cinema.”

The film, which is the last appearance by Jackman as one of the most popular X-Men, gives Wolverine a chance to save the franchise’s dwindling popularity – and he doesn’t disappoint.

The film is gritty and raw- giving Wolverine a chance to fully flourish in all his dark glory.

The movie has received mainly positive critical reviews; with Memeburn calling the film “a riveting instalment to the X-Men franchise” that will “definitely move you in more ways than one”.



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