Lord of the Dance Show | Dangerous Games 2017

Lord of the Dance 2017

Show lovers should brace for the return of Lord Of The Dance show in Cape Town and Johannesburg. The show will hold its first gig at the Grand Arena, Grandwest in Cape Town on 8 August followed by seven other performances at the same venue until 13 August.

As part of another Big Concerts experience, Lord of the Dance – Dangerous Games will be performing in Cape Town for the first time.

Johannesburg fans will make a date with the show at The Teatro, Montecasino from 15 August – 3 September. The last time the show was held in Johannesburg was in 2015 but Johannesburg show fanatics have denuded to have back.

Presented by RSG, M-Net Channel 101 and Channel24, Lord Of The Dance is a remarkable new staging of the traditional master piece full of elegant foot work, engrossing fast paced dance sequences and a surplus of costume changes.

The show returns with u number of interesting activities but this time around featuring new staging, costumes and choreography. The show features cutting edge technology including a giant Radiant flat screen that spans the width of the stage, special effects lighting, dancing robots and world champion acrobats.

Directed by Michael Flatley and music composed by Gerard Fahy, the show syndicates the best of tradition with all the excitement of new music and dance.

Apart from South Africa, the show will be performed in other countries such as the United Kingdom, Slovakia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, German, Switzerland, Czech Republic and many others.

Reviews from other countries are coming in with comments such as “clapping and stomping feet everywhere in the audience” – we are certainly looking forward to their South African performance. See you in the theatre Lord of the Dance lovers!

Tickets to Johannesburg and Cape Town shows can be purchased online on the Big Concerts website.


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