Low Start Up Business Ideas


As economic conditions become harsher in various countries, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for individuals to get a job. More people are looking for alternative ways of making money and low start-up business ideas often provide the ideal solutions for their needs.

Offering cleaning services

You could offer cleaning services in your complex or local community as a start.  If you choose to offer your services to businesses, you need to keep in mind that some businesses may prefer to have their offices cleaned after hours or during weekends. You need to be flexible about time and willing to work odd hours. Start-up costs are low – you may need some basic cleaning equipment and business cards to promote your business services.

Virtual assistant

You can put your good organising skills to use by helping small business owners with their general admin needs. Costs involved in starting this business up are quite low and relatively simple. You may need a computer as well as a stable internet connection to maintain contact with your clients.

Online content production

Content production for websites can be quite a profitable business venture. Start-up costs are quite low – you usually need a computer and a reliable internet connection.

Financial advisor

People have a need for knowledgeable and objective professional financial advice. The field is mainly populated by independent practitioners already, so you need to work hard in order to stand out. You need to develop technical expertise and have good listening skills, personal trustworthiness  as well as the ability to convey that in the manner in which you present yourself. You also need to have the relevant credentials. As a low start-up business idea, becoming a financial advisor can be relatively simple and straightforward, as long as you know how to source clients.


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