M4Jam – A Tech start-up to address SA’s job crisis


South Africa is a country with high unemployment rate, quite a number of youths do not have jobs. But a tech start-up called M4Jam was introduced with the thrust of providing “micro jobs” to South Africans who require noting more their smartphone to take benefit on the system.

With M4Jam unemployed people will get smartphone jobs that take a short period to complete.
M4Jam is the brain child of Andre Hugo, a 44 year old entrepreneur who initiated of providing “micro jobs” to unemployed people or those who want to make extra money during their spare time.
Hugo together with Warren Venter a founder of another start-up Waytag – which looks at easier ways if crowd sourcing data points.

Jobs available of M4Jam are either location-centric or not. A user can fill in surveys anywhere in exchange for payment; they can also accept jobs that need them to be on the site. The start-up ad its first job completed within two minutes of its launch, with 512 jobs completed in the first 90 minutes.

Those who get these micro jobs from M4Jam earn from R15 a job and jobs should be completed within the specified time. You will be paid your money after completing a job, a code is sent via SMS using MTN Mobile Money, and the code will be shown to a teller at any Pick n Pay or Boxer in exchange for the cash. A fee of R4 will be charged for each transaction.


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