Make Money Driving Uber in South Africa


Launched in South Africa in 2013, Uber is an application that allows users to find a taxi nearby and to pay for the service by debit or credit card. With a current market value of $50 billion, the company now has a presence in 340 cities worldwide. The company recently announced plans to expand services to other cities within South Africa due to growing demand, which has caused tension within the transport industry.

Despite the controversy surrounding its operations, Uber continues to grow all over the world. It also continues to attract more individuals who want to become drivers or owners.

What are the benefits?

It provides a convenient service and drivers are able to have more flexibility within their daily lives. As an Uber driver you are able to be your own boss and you have better control of how much you are earning on a monthly basis.

How do you make money driving Uber?

Visit the Uber Driver Sign Up page and create an account. You’ll need to submit your personal details, which should take you approximately 3 to 4 minutes. An Uber representative will then give you a call to complete the entire application process. You will be thoroughly screened and should you qualify, you will be permitted to become an Uber driver.

Once you have your vehicle you will need to assess the business value thoroughly. Consider the fact that the amount of money you make is dependent on the number of pick-ups made. It is also dependent on where you’ve been and how often you drive.

There are numerous other factors to consider as well, such as insurance, fuel, maintenance, vehicle licencing and registration.

Rates may vary considerably, so while you could make R5000 in one week, you could also make R8000 on a busy day like New Years’ eve. There is no set salary you can make as an Uber driver – it all depends on various factors.


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