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Wunderlist app

Wunderlist App – We often forget things that we want to do on a daily basis thus clever people came up with to do lists; not so long back we used to rely on diaries to note down what we intend to do – a way of reminding ourselves on important things that we need to do.

The coming of Internet has ushered in quite a number of developments. Below is why:
Developers, through the use of internet designed Wunderlist, a cross-platform, desktop and mobile to-do list manager with apps for iOS and Android, Windows, OS X, and Linux (although their Linux app is woefully out of date.) The App is also a webapp, thus users can seriously have no reason to be without their to-dos on any platform they prefer to use. The App is the current pick for the best to-do app in Windows and OS X, and its most recent iteration and feature improvements have added a lot to the app.

Wunderlist is simple and easy to use, it supports timed reminders, recurring to-dos (although its recurring feature is definitely lacking), separate reminders from the due date of the task, notes and additional info associated with a user’s to-dos, shared to-dos with others, multiple categories, and more. A user can star important tasks (but that’s as close to priority as you’ll get), and customize the look of the app. It’s broad platform support—and its webapp—mean you’ll always have access to your to-dos.

Wunderlist is an immense App, and there’s a reason many people like it, but not everyone does, and it’s not without its quirks. For example, it’s had a few syncing problems in the past, and users can find recurring tasks to be quirky from time to time.


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