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Marven Finance is a financial institution that has been specialising in the provision of all types of Bridging Finance related to the sale and transfer of property since 1996. This institution strives to help all South Africans who require such services.

Bridging finance is a form of finance that gives individuals assistance when they are waiting for funds from another source. Life is unpredictable and at times we experience delays with finances. Bridging finance is useful here as it can help you bridge the gap during the period you are waiting for your funds until they are transferred to you.

Perhaps you are unemployed and you’re waiting for your lump sum payment from your pension or provident fund. Bridging finance from Marven Finance could help you meet other financial obligations you may have. If you are selling your property, there are a number of various legal costs involved. By getting a bridging loan from Marven Finance you can get peace of mind knowing that these costs are covered, while you are awaiting payment from the sale.

How much can I get from Marven Finance?

Loans of up to R4000 are provided at flexible and affordable rates.

What are the qualifying criteria for application?

  • You must earn a regular monthly income
  • You must provide a valid South African ID
  • Your salary need to be deposited into your bank account

To contact Marven Finance, call: 021 913 3088 or 021 422 2231/2

Send them an email here:

Visit their website here:


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