Melvin Douglas

South Africa has for many years managed to stay on its economic feet largely as a result of its prudent fiscal and monetary policies.The economy has a marked duality, with a sophisticated financial and industrial economy having grown alongside an underdeveloped informal economy.One institution which has become an influential economic player is Melville Douglas.

Melville Douglas is a 100% owned subsidiary of the Standard Bank Group. The primary focus of this business concern is the provision of personalised investment management services to high net worth individuals, with specific expertise in the management of endowments, charitable trusts, retirement funds and institutional mandates.
This firm offers clients a bespoke portfolio, customised to suit their specific needs and objectives, by judicious investment in shares, bonds, property and cash. Clients get a chance to get highly personalised portfolio management service – characterised by consistently superior investment returns and outstanding customer service.There is a minimum investment size of R10 million per portfolio. Smaller clients can access the investment expertise in a cost efficient manner through the unitised managed funds. High net worth Muslim families are also catered for with compliant equity and non-equity investments. Melvin Douglas also offers unitised managed funds such as strategy fund, bond fund and alpha fund.
There is no better service provider when it comes to wealth and investment than Melvin and Douglas.This firm can be contacted on 0117217964.


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