Mercantile Bank – Dynamic Portugese Banking Institution


Mercantile prides itself in being the only bank with a segment focus on the Portuguese market. It’s owned by Caixa Geral De Depositors (CGD), Portuguese banking group wholly owned by the Portuguese government. The bank boasts operations in over 4 continents, with stable operations in 22 countries. Its key focus areas lie in commercial banking, investment banking, venture capital, asset management and specialized credit. Mercantile has however made a deliberate strategic business decision to pay particular attention on commercial banking, treasury and electronic banking services.Commercial banking services offered by Mercantile include call accounts, notice deposit, fixed deposits, money market and business savings accounts. Closely aligned with these lending services are commercial overdrafts, commercial term loans, asset finance and commercial property finance.

The bank’s treasury division has a core focus on foreign exchange, money market and trade finance with services such as spot market, foreign exchange contract, derivatives, structured solutions, trade guarantees etc.

Mercantile’s electronic banking services are focused on collections, payment systems and data validation. Clients can enjoy debit order collection services, non-authenticated early debit orders, authenticated early debit orders, account verification services and bank account validation services.

The Alliance Banking division offers credit card, debit card and payment services to non-banks who seek to, or are already participating in the financial services industry. Mercantile’s Business Banking division strives to serve clients in highly personalised manners. Cash management is made easier for businesses through Mercantile’s quality cash management systems. Mercantile’s promise to you is to “help you with efficient and cost-effective banking solutions.”

Mercantile believes in the power of entrepreneurs to create and shape their own futures.

To contact Mercantile’s Business Banking division, call 086 030 9250.


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