Metropolitan Services – Providing Affordable and Innovative Insurance


Metropolitan is a leading insurance and financial services company in South Africa. It has a long-standing presence in the financial industry and has established diverse business portfolios, catering for diverse needs. Its services are divided into 2 categories: Corporates and Individuals. 

Metropolitan’s corporate division provides a range of solutions, including asset management, alternative solutions, group scheme products, risk products, health administration and services solutions, employee benefit administration and actuarial services.

The latter offers tailor-made products and services for employee benefits. Health administration and service solutions are made for medical scheme administration and managed healthcare services to corporates and the retail sector. Risk products are provided for employees and employers to help them financially prepare for death or permanent disability and other corporate risks. Group scheme products look at supplementing employee benefits for a secure future, while asset management and alternative solutions  are for collective investments and specialised segregated portfolios (available as domestic balanced, global balanced or specialised asset class portfolios.)

Individuals are offered collective investment solutions, unforeseen risk, investing, savings and retirement solutions.

Individual savings and retirement plans provide retirement products for every need, from annuities to preservation funds. Investing products ensure individuals gain capital protection on finances but also get aggressive returns. Collective investment management services manage and administer collective investments and the full product range covers the full risk spectrum from money market portfolios to specialist equity and absolute return portfolios. Individuals can also get funeral cover, life insurance as well as hospital cover.

Metropolitan’s funeral cover offers protection for your whole family, up to R50 000. Metropolitan’s Hospital Cashback cover helps individuals take care of things that medical aid does not cover. It is not a medical scheme, but was created to provide individuals with access to much-needed funds when you are hospitalised.

The Savings portfolio offered by Metropolitan makes the dedication to saving worthwhile. Offered in three solutions: Saving for education, lifestyle savings goals, income and wealth preservation, Metropolitan gives clients the most viable solutions.

For more affordable financial solutions, contact Metropolitan on 0860 724 724.


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