MFIN Cash Loans

MFIN Cash Loans

The increase in demand for instant cash by most South Africans has heightened the number of financial institutions whose main objective is to provide loans to people who meet their requirements. Mfin Cash Loans is one such institution, the institution offers such services to the general public.

With Mfin Cash Loans, a client can apply for a loan of up to R7500; applications can be done upon visiting any Mfin kiosk housed within Shoprite or Checkers stores.

This loan facility is only flexible to South Africans who are in possession of a valid South Africa Bar coded ID book. Worth noting is that clients who are willing to borrow from Mfin must be employed and should provide the creditor with their employee number, name of their employer and employer’s telephone numbers. Part of the requirement is that a client should be permanently employed.

A client should also provide the creditor with his banking account details used by his employer to pay his salary. Once the loan has been approved, the cash will be deposited in the bank account provided by the client.

Any potential or existing clients with queries regarding the above can contact the financial creditor on 0861 346346 or send an email to



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