Microsoft’s Windows Phone – Quality Smartphone


It’s no secret that smartphone technology has become increasingly popular in recent years. More tech companies have created smartphones to compete with the leading models on the market. 

When one thinks of smartphones, the most common names that come to mind include Apple, Samsung and LG.

Founded in 1975, Microsoft is a well-known tech company. Renowned for Windows, the world’s most popular operating system for PCs and laptops, Microsoft launched its Windows phone Smartphone operating system in 2010.

In recent years, Microsoft has stepped up and created a quality smartphone that can compete with the best handsets in the world.

More about Microsoft’s Windows Phone:

Developed by Microsoft for smartphones as the replacement successor to Windows Mobile and Zune, Microsoft’s Windows Phone was first launched in October 2010.

Since then the phone has been succeeded by Windows 10 Mobile.

The Windows Phone name is being phased out in favour of branding the platform as an edition of Windows 10.

Windows 10 Mobile features Skype messaging integration, updated office mobile apps and a Microsoft Edge browser. The user interface is based on Microsoft’s “metro” design language.

The phone is ready to give a competent alternative to iOS and Android.

Every device running Windows Phone 8.1 right now will be updated to Windows 10 in time.


Apps and features will look similar on your phone to on your desktop. You’ll get the full versions of Office, Word and PowerPoint and you’ll be able to switch between Windows devices almost seamlessly.

With Microsoft’s Windows Phone, you’re able to open and edit Microsoft Office documents on all your different devices. Files will be synced on the cloud.

The settings screen is similar to the version found on desktops and tablets, while the keyboard can be moved around the screen. For those who love photography, this phone automatically creates albums and automatically enhances your photos.


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