Mini financial services, a trusted financial entity

Mini financial services

The motor vehicle industry in South Africa is decorated with uncountable brands originating from different parts of the world.This list of brands however can never be complete without mentioning one revered name called the Mini Cooper. Mini Cooper which includes a number of different models has been produced by BMW since 2000. What makes this brand even more respected is the fact that they have added a financial services division to their operations.

MINI Financial Services is a division of BMW Financial Services which is an Authorised Financial Services Provider and Registered Credit Provider. This fast growing business concern is a reliable provider of the Mini Select, Instalment Sale, Mini Edgte and Leasing.

MINI Edge is a street smart new finance product that offers a 50:50 payment plan for your car. In other words, you pay 50% of the purchase price in cash and finance the balance, enjoying low monthly payments by servicing only the interest on the remaining 50% over 36 months. At the end of the contract you can either settle the outstanding 50% balloon payment, refinance it or trade in your MINI for a newer model. MINI Edge is available on all MINI models.The Leasing option has been designed for those who would like to make a substantial payment up front and are looking for flexible monthly payments between 12 and 60 months.

With MINI, customers also enjoy comprehensive insurance and dynamik insurance. Comprehensive cover gives you excellent countrywide service that includes an exceptional and exclusive motor vehicle insurance package, fair and accurate claims service as well as carefully selected products to suit your needs. MINI Dynamik Cover is wide cover with fewer exclusions.This is designed for customers who live large and have many accumulated assets. Often, these are the people who have demanding schedules and need someone in their corner when it comes to cover. MINI Dynamic includes personalised assistance. Because it is only available for people with a high net worth, it is offered at competitive rates.

Looking at the above products and services, MINI financial services can indeed be trusted.


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