Mobiflock – Providing Parental Control Service For Smartphones and Tablets

Mobiflock, Parental Control Service, Smartphones, Tablets

Mobile phones and in particular smartphones have transformed human lives in an immeasurable manner. Increased levels of mobile phone subscriptions are linked with improvements in education, economy and even political participation in developing countries. Mobile phones have changed how relationships are run and managed with family, spouses and close friends. For children in particular, managing the relationship through a mobile phone entails looking after their safety and shielding them from harm. One business house making this process smooth is Mobiflock.

Mobiflock is a mobile safety and security company which has developed and launched a parental control service for smartphones and tablets. Mobiflock My Child was developed with the understanding that with more and more smartphones landing in the hands of children, it becomes more important for parents to understand their childrens online habits and take measures to protect them from digital dangers.

This service gives parents visibility over their child’s mobile device and the ability to block specific content, contacts or activities. Mobiflock My Child also limits phone use via a timetable, locate the phone and block or wipe a stolen phone. A web based dashboard allows parents to manage all of the phones they are protecting with Mobiflock. Mobiflocks services work across all networks whether it’s through Wi-Fi or GSM.

This is a must have service for all parents and guardians as it allows them to choose the most appropriate restrictions for each of their children.






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