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Momentum is a company all about financial focus and wellness and assists in the fulfilling of lifelong financial needs. By providing relevant and unique solutions to suit budget and individual circumstances through their broad range of advice, insurance, investments and health offerings. 

Now you too through Momentum careers can help individuals fulfill their lifelong financial goals. If you’re ready to join Momentum’s financial world of work, then an opportunity is available to you, becoming a Momentum Financial Planner.

The Financial Planner position is part of the many Momentum careers on offer. If you consider yourself to be an independent worker, who is approachable, a good listener, who can place the client and their goals first and you’re sales driven. Then being a Financial Planner at Momentum may just be for you.

The Momentum financial planning team is led by Johann Jooste, a Certified Financial Planner who maintains that financial planning is a lifetime process, and not a once-off event.

It’s a dynamic environment for self-starters offering rewarding prospects to individuals who believe in themselves. Through a range of innovative products, academy training, advanced financial advice software and compliance support. You can have the success and financial reward you really deserve.

When you become a commission-earning financial planner employed by Momentum. All you have to do is follow the internationally recognised six-step approach to good financial planning.

This involves:

  1. Establishing a professional relationship
  2. Collecting information
  3. Setting life goals
  4. Analysing financial needs
  5. Creating a plan
  6. Consistently monitoring and evaluating that plan to ensure that it’s in line with the client’s goals.

Even if you’re a professional financial planner with your own practice and already in business you can still send your details. And Momentum will contact you for an appointment to discuss the numerous opportunities available.

For further information or to join Momentum team, send your questions or CV to

As part of Momentum careers, Momentum seeks individuals with tenacity and an excellent work ethic. Trust is non-negotiable; as their financial planners adhere to strict client confidentiality agreements. Financial planners put their clients first and always strive to understand the needs of the client before recommending a solution.


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