Momentum Health – Giving you Affordable Healthcare Solutions


Momentum is a financial institution established in 1966. Its values include accountability, diversity, excellence, innovation, integrity and teamwork. With a belief that “your health is your wealth,” Momentum provides premier health services to South Africans. The brand is listed under the Medical Schemes Act. 

Benefits associated with Momentum Health:

  • Adults earn up to R5400 per annum from Momentum’s HealthReturns programme.
  • You can save up to 35% on your contribution.
  • You get a free annual health assessment.
  • You get to pick the provider of your choice.

Momentum provides you with value for cash, as it provides you with affordability and adaptability. It is a financially savvy organization that helps clients to save on medical expenses. The institution has agreements with healthcare providers ranging from hospitals to pharmacies and doctors, which allows clients to save more while getting the best services for their needs.

Value Added Products:

Heatlthsaver:  This product allows you to save for additional medical expenses. For example, you can save on refractive eye surgery, vitamins and co-payments. You can claim with no transaction or admin fees.

Multiply: This is a wellness and rewards programme, which offers benefits such as a 10% discount on Virgin Active’s gym membership; as well as discounts at certain online shopping partners.

Healthcare providers are divided into specific groups, designed to cater to specific needs.

Ingwe Option Providers: You can get optometry and dentistry benefits among others.

Access: As a client you can access network hospitals for hospitalisation and access primary care network providers for day-to-day and chronic benefits.

Custom, Incentive and Extender Option: This product is specifically for chronic treatment.

Summit option providers: With this option, you can use any provider.

For savings on healthcare, contact Momentum here: 0860 117 859. You can also email:


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