Momentum Insurance – Insurance Giant Offering Expert Services


The short-term insurance industry in South Africa is filled with a range of institutions offering a number of products and services. Only a handful of these institutions have the ability to provide quality, affordable services. An entity forming part of this handful is Momentum, which is one of South Africa’s insurance giants. 

Momentum is a short-term insurance provider, recognised as the fourth largest medical scheme in the country. Committed to helping clients fulfil their lifelong financial needs, Momentum develops unique solutions to suit individual circumstances. The institution specialises in offering a broad range of advice, insurance, investment and health offerings.

Originally established in 1966, the institution merged with Sage in 2005- thus contributing to making it one of South Africa’s leading insurance and asset management providers.

Momentum’s short-term products include personal, commercial and vehicle fleet insurance. This institution’s specialty lies in the provision of protection for valuable possessions and assets.

Premiums are based on individual risk profiles and are offered at competitive rates to clients. Momentum also strives to deliver excellent service through effective use of technology. Services are provided in the most efficient manner possible. Flexible solutions are designed for specific needs, aided by expert short-term insurance advice.

Commercial and vehicle fleet insurance is designed to meet individual needs, while life insurance is offered up to R3 million. Momentum seeks to provide customised, simple-to-understand financial solutions, giving tangible value for money.

“At Momentum we strive to eliminate pitfalls through dependable advice, informed assessments and compassionate service.

Contact Momentum on 012 671 8911.


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