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Money Tree Loans are personal loan solutions offered to individuals with a less than perfect credit history. Money Tree Loans understands that life is unpredictable and sometimes we may end up with bad credit records due to circumstances beyond our control. These loans are offered to individuals with defaults, garnishee orders and poor credit ratings.Loans are based on individual affordability.

Money Tree Loans is a reputable and experienced South African-owned finance company operating throughout the country. The institution strives to provide clients with loans efficiently.

What services does Money Tree Loans provide?

  • Cash Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Debt consolidation
  • Mortgage finance

How can I apply for Money Tree Loans?

Complete an online application form by visiting:

Your affordability will be assessed by Money Tree Loans.

You have the benefit of not having to go through any tedious interviews with consultants or having to wait in long bank queues. The whole process can be completed online.

How much finance can I get?

Loans are offered from R1000 up to a maximum of R10 000 000. These amounts are sourced from a network of financial services providers.

If you are approved for the loan you get immediate access to the money as it will be deposited directly into your bank account. You can use the money to attend to any unforeseen financial events in your life. Pay for medical expenses or even for a holiday. The choice is yours.

To contact Money Tree Loans call: 087 802 5647

Alternatively, send them an email here:


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