Mortgage companies Johannesburg


In South Africa there are plenty of mortgage companies found in different areas such as Bloemfontein and so forth. But if you’re looking for a mortgage company in Johannesburg, here are a few options to look into. 

GPF Mortgage 

If you want a home loan let GPF Mortgage get it for you. As an independent bond originator (home loan broker) GPF Mortgage job is to find you the best priced home loan in South Africa. They work for you and not the banks, cutting your cost and saving you money. Easily compare different home loan options and get your home loan approved faster, easier and more affordable. 


It will be from Home Loan…to Home. With MultiNET who will get a Home Loan for you. By having the home buyer and bond seeker access to as much information as possible they’ll be able to advance their knowledge. To being an informed consumer who’s more capable of making the right choice than an uninformed one when it comes to buying a home and applying for the right home loan.  

Use your new found knowledge to find the perfect home and Allow MultiNET to provide you with the perfect home loan. If you need a Home Loan you can apply online. By completing their simple online application and one of their staff will contact you at their convenience. You can also track your application process online. 

BetterLife Home Loans 

Is a bond originator and their business is all about helping clients access finance for their dream home. BetterLife Home Loans will speed up and facilitate the home loan application process and provide daily feedback at no cost to you… furthermore they’ll also secure the best possible deal for you. 

They’re the biggest bond originator in South Africa, with more than 15 years’ experience in helping homeowners purchase their homes. They’re committed to helping you take the hassle out of buying your home, and provide you with a turnkey bond origination and insurance solution.


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