Mortgage companies South Africa


Usually if you have a job for two years or more as a form of employment and income stability and a credit score that’s good enough. Paid down your debts and started saving then you could qualify for a mortgage. 

But it does cost a pretty penny, to pay towards a home. And a home loan would have to be taken out to pay for the house. 

A mortgage is a loan that’s secured on immovable property, normally your home; hence it’s also referred to as a home loan or bond. The mortgage is lent to you in a lump sum to pay for the property and is legally bound to the property by the attorneys who register your mortgage bond. 

In South Africa Mortgage companies include: 

  • SA Home Loans 

Why not get a home loan with the SA Home Loan a specialist’s mortgage lender, which is not a bank. But rather provide their own finance, which enables them to also provide a personalised service to guide you through the entire home loan procedure from start to finish. 

SA Home Loans offers a fresh approach to home finance offering variable loans with competitive interest rates and flexible payment terms. 

  • BetterBond 

BetterBond South Africa’s largest mortgage origination company is home loan specialists who remove the hassle out of applying to all the major banks for you at no additional cost. As they act as intermediaries between you and the best banks to get a home loan with. All you’ll need to do is complete one application to gain access to the best banks and best deal for home loans. 

  • Bond Busters 

Bond Busters is among the major independent mortgage brokers operating in South Africa. It works to find the most beneficial home loan for each individual customer. When it comes to Home Loan Financing and Remortgaging Bond Busters is best. As applying for a Bond or re-mortgaging can be a tedious and timely process. Bond Busters will take on the administrative hassle, whilst getting you the best rates available by thoroughly researching all the options according to your specific needs.


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