Motorcycle Insurance for your Bike


A motorcycle also known as a motorbike, bike, or cycle. It’s a two or three wheeled motor vehicle that has a design that varies greatly to suit a range of different purposes. Whether long distance travel, commuting, cruising or sport including: racing, and off-road riding.

And when it comes to motorcycle insurance whether you have a 50cc scooter, a 250cc screamer or something a lot more beefy, you need to have that motorcycle insured before you venture onto South African roads. And here are four reasons why.

The cost is a factor

Those two wheeler prized possessions cost an arm and a leg especially if you’re using them for mountain biking or road bikes they cost a small fortune to replace. And never mind your high end bikes even the aluminum mountain bikes cost a bundle these days.

High incidence of bike theft and robberies

These days bikes much like cars are targets for criminals, especially the top end two wheeler toys. They’re increasingly being targeted by robbers with numerous riders getting robbed of their bikes. Therefore have the confidence to do solo rides in low-traffic areas, knowing that you have motorcycle insurance.

Transportation risk.

You can also have unwelcome incidences or accidents while on your bike whether it’s the displeasure of a bike climbing off your bike rack at 120km/h or reversing into something with your bicycle strapped to your Thule bike rack, or to drive into an underground parkade with the bike strapped to your roof racks.

Damage to your road and race bike

These bikes are more likely to get damaged or stolen, given that they’re mostly used in close proximity to other people and vehicles than MTBs bikes. And with perils such as taxis, bad driving and deteriorating road conditions, not to mention the risk of your motorcycle getting stolen, it make sense to cover your bike.


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