Motorcycle Insurance Quote


Generally in this day and age the purchase of a motorbike will not go through unless motorcycle insurance has been attained and approved. When you are looking for motorcycle insurance you need to take the time to compare various quotes.

You need to get a motorcycle insurance quote from an insurance company directly or by using online comparison sites. Alternatively you can get help from an insurance broker who may be able to get you a specialised quote designed to suit your individual needs.

What to keep in mind when you are looking for a motorcycle insurance quote:

Insurance companies charge premiums based on the likelihood of:

  • How likely you are to make a claim
  • How expensive that claim is likely to be

Factors used to determine motorcycle insurance quote premiums:

Your age

The riskiest age group to insure is that of 17 to 25 year olds.

The type of motorcycle that you ride

The more expensive and powerful your bike is, the more of a risk it poses.

Your annual mileage also has a bearing on your motorcycle insurance quote costs.

If you are on the road for extensive periods throughout the year, your insurance costs will rise.

How often you use your motorcycle

The more often you are on the road the higher risk you pose to insurance companies. The more you are on the road, the higher the risk of you being involved in an accident.

If you use your motorcycle for commuting as well as for social reasons, you’re likely to pay more for cover.

Safety features installed on your motorcycle

The harder your motorcycle is to steal, the lower your premiums will be.  Anti-theft measures such as ground anchors, immobilisers and bike locks can help to lower your motorcycle insurance quote costs.


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