Motorcycle Insurance Quotes


In South Africa, popular motorcycle insurance brands include:

  • Dial Direct
  • Prosper
  • Unity
  • 1st for Women
  • Auto & General
  • Budget insurance
  • Regent
  • Standard Bank

Tips about Motorcycle Insurance Quotes:

Motorcyclists may make up about 1% of road traffic, but statistics show that they suffer at least 20% of the fatalities on the roads. This shows how important it is to have motorcycle insurance.


You should make sure that you compare at least three insurance quotes from different insurance companies.

Pick the right insurance cover to suit your needs.

It’s better to have enough insurance to cover replacement costs, hospitalisation and to avoid bankruptcy. In South Africa, motorcycle insurance is often similar to car insurance. You are able to get access to comprehensive and third party cover.

Consider increasing your excess amount.

By paying a higher excess amount you may have the benefit of paying lower premiums.

Choose your motorcycle with care.

Keep in mind that the bigger the bike, the more you will pay.

Minimise modifications on your bike

The fewer modifications you have on your bike, the lower the premiums you will pay on your insurance.

Ride fewer kilometres

The more often you are on the road the more likely you will be to get into an accident, which will raise your premiums.

Ride safely

Improve your rising skills and this could go a long way towards lowering your insurance costs.

Secure your motorbike

Add security features to your bike to lower your level of risk

Restrict other riders

This is because in most cases, passengers on a motorbike are not covered.

Consider bundling policies

Limit the number of claims

Other factors to consider in terms of motorcycle insurance:

  • You need a valid motorcycle licence to get a motorcycle insurance quote
  • This type of insurance typically has lower insurance premiums
  • A number of factors are taken into account by the insurance company, such as your age, driving record and the value of your motorcycle.


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