MTN Sky, unlimited voice calls, data and SMS


MTN launched their MTN Sky service recently, in a bid to curtail the subscriber shedding the cellular operator is currently going through. According to reports, MTN shed over 800 000 customers in the three month period between December and the end of March 2014, average user revenue also showed a user slump of 11.4% over the same period.
MTN’s new service, MTN SKY, is offering subscribers unlimited voice calls, data and SMS from R1,699 per month. This new service also offers customers priority call centre support, free Smartphone repairs and access to local and international airport lounges. The “unlimited” data comes with a catch though. According to the South African mobile business, the 5GB comes with a fair use limit. Once you’ve reached the maximum usage of 5GB per month, the subscriber’s internet access will be throttled. Access to international and local airport lounges is also limited to a maximum of 24 visits.

MTN Sky packages come in two basic forms:

  • MTN Sky SIM-only package at R1,699 on a 24 month contract
  • MTN Sky package with a handset at R1,999 on a 24 month contract (the price may differ depending on the chosen handset).
    Prepaid customers are also catered for in a number of MTN Sky prepaid products, including:
  • MTN Sky Absolute (2GB) at R599, with unlimited calls and SMS to all networks and 2GB of data, lasting for 7 days.
  • MTN Sky Super (1GB) at R999, with unlimited calls and SMS across all networks and access 1GB of data, lasting for 30 days.
  • MTN Sky Super (Uncapped) at R999, with unlimited calls and SMS across all networks, uncapped data of 3GB, lasting for 15 days. This offer comes with a Fair Use Policy.
    MTN also recently dropped their PayAsYouGo call rates to just 79c per minute, billed per second, on a promotional basis, in a bid to curb the loss of customer. MTN has since announced that they plan on making the 79c permanent.


It’s good to note that we have been notified by some of our readers that MTN Sky does define in their small print that members are in actual fact being capped at R1500. Let us know if you have tried MTN Sky, and have any feedback for us?


  1. There is no such thing as Unlimited, this is another #MTNSCAM, they are capping you at R1500, really not business ethics. There are saying please refer to Terms and Conditions where they write small font lines states they can change the package options. And unfortunate thing is Pixel Pusher is advertising MTN Rippoff sale tactics .. SHAME !!


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