MTN’s Steppa Tablet outshines Vodacom’s Smart Tab 3G

MTN Steppa Tablet

The recently launched R999 Steppa Tablet by South Africa’s biggest mobile wireless network MTN, is a fearless competitor to its rival Vodacom which has a new Smart Tab 3G that carries the same price tag.

According to TechCentral, the two devices compete head-on in price and specification, but only one offers the best value for money.

Where do they differ?
MTN’s Steppa tablet features a quad-core 1,2GHz processor with 1GB of RAM while Vodacom’s tablet has only 512MB and the additional 512MB on the MTN device a huge difference in performances.

The Steppa tablet runs on Android 4.4 KitKat with a 3 500Ah battery that comes with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge technology for rapid replenishment. The device consists of apps such as Amazon Kindle, AVG Antivirus and MTN PriceCheck.

Although MTN’s Steppa tablet feels solid in the hand, it is quite a bit wider than its competitor’s offering. The 7-inch LCD resolution on MTN’s device is higher than Vodacom’s with a display resolution of 1 024×600 pixels for a pixel density of 169ppi. On the other hand, Vodacom’s LCD is just 960×540 pixels for a pixel density of 157ppi.

When compared side by side, Vodacom’s Smart Tab 3G has a much brighter display, a crucial factor that can be considered by anyone who prefers using their tablet in bright sunlight.

The battery life of Steppa Tablet is average for device in its class. It has a 3 500Ah battery that can last for hours. It is better than Vodacoms offering which has a 2 840Ah battery.

Which of the two is better?
TechCentral reports that, “The MTN Steppa Tablet offers much better value for money than Vodacom’s Smart tab 3G. It only falls down to the brightness of its display.


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