Mukuru money transfer, convenient money sending facility

mukuru money transfer

Africa has over the last two decades witnessed increased effort towards regional integration to promote economic growth,peace and security. These integration efforts have led to a huge amount of people crossing borders to settle or even seek economic opportunities.The need for an efficient money transfer system has therefore become even more important. One business brand making a contribution in this regard is Mukuru.

Mukuru is licensed by Inter Africa and assists thousands of people to send money to Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia or Kenya.T his trusted and secure system allows customers to send and receive money instantly with a simple process and efficient systems.Those sending money can use a cellphone, call the call centre or even pay at any retailer in South Africa.

To sign up to Mukuru, a client needs to have proof of identity in form of passport or ID or even emergency travel document. Payslip as proof of income is also needed. For those who are self-employed, they need to present a self-employed form stamped by local police. Proof of residence should be a utility bill, bank statement or Landlords letter.

All Mukuru clients also qualify for a money debit card which facilitates for salary to be deposited, buy airtime, withdraw cash at any ATM, use it at any retail outlet, etc.

Mukuru can be contacted on 0860018555.
mukuru money transfer


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