Multi-Car Insurance Benefits


Having car insurance is a necessity. The high rate of crime in South Africa, along with the poor infrastructure on many South African roads often means that individuals need to take the necessary precautions to make sure that they are covered in the event of any unexpected events.

Statistics show that while there are more than 10 million cars on South African roads, only about 35% of these cars are insured. This means that if you are in a car accident, chances are that you will have to foot the bill if you aren’t insured.

Add to this the rising cost of living, and you have good reason to find affordable car insurance at competitive rates.

One way that individuals are trying to save more money is by opting for Multi-Car Insurance.

What is Multi-Car Insurance?

This is insurance cover for up to five cars. All the cars at your address could be covered even if they aren’t registered in your name. This could mean that the household will be able to make significant savings.

What are the benefits of Multi-Car insurance Benefits?

You can make significant discounts

You may even get up to a third off with some insurance providers

You can choose different levels of multi-car insurance and different excesses for each of the vehicles

You are able to get tailor-made solutions for your individual needs

You can renew the policy once a year with one renewal document

Premiums could be reduced by adding the name of an experienced driver to the policy

It may work out cheaper if a woman or an older driver is footing the whole bill

Depending on your individual circumstances, you will save money

What you need to look out for:

  • No Claims discount
  • Who is covered for what
  • Renewal dates
  • Vehicles changes
  • Ages of drivers


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