Multi Car Insurance


Multi-Car Insurance is a policy that can usually provide cover for up to five cars. It offers the same benefits as regular car policies, but the difference is that insurers will give you a discount for insuring multiple vehicles with them.

With the cost of car insurance consistently rising over recent years, it’s worth getting whatever discounts you can get.

More individuals are looking for creative ways to save money. Harsh economic conditions are making it increasingly difficult for individual to afford necessities. This means that people are less likely to choose to get insurance cover – regarded as a luxury by many in this country. As a result, insurance companies are working harder to retain their clients.

How does Multi-Car Insurance work?

  • You start your policy with one car
  • Others join the policy later when it’s due for renewal
  • The more cars you add the more Multi-Car discounts you get

What are the benefits?

Adding an experienced driver to the policy could reduce premiums

There is only one set of paperwork to complete, so you don’t have to fill in multiple insurance policy documents.

There is only a single renewal date each year, so you won’t have to keep track of multiple renewal dates.

Many insurance companies offer discounts of up to a third. You can make considerable savings.

Vehicles registered at the same address can be added to a car policy and the drivers may have the benefit of lower insurance premiums

Are there any drawbacks?

Some smart budgeting is required, as the household will face a large once-off insurance bill at the same time every year. You need to make sure that the household will be able to afford this.

It may not always be the cheapest way of buying cover.

Vehicles that are covered must generally be for private use only.


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