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It is very difficult to find any innovative development that has impacted humanity in the last couple of decades more than the Internet.This technological phenomenon which carries an extensive range of information resources and services has impacted virtually every aspect of modern human life.The provision of internet services has itself become a major business industry both at small and large scale level. Prepaid Internet kiosks is one such an example. One business entity working towards exploiting this idea fully in South Africa is Mykiosk.

Mykiosk is a business idea that has been tailored to make getting online while in transit a little easier. In a nutshell, its an internet cafe but more useful and flexible. Units are built by local hardware vendors but run software is sourced from the United States of America.

This system works by having each unit connected to a broadband digital subscriber line and this includes mobile data. Each unit is a high end computer with a high speed internet connection. Users can opt to send short video messages via the kiosks built in camera. The software Data is traditionally billed for by quantity, not time.To ease your security worries, the software is designed to erase all personal information between sessions so that users privacy is not compromised.The kiosk also has software with built in functionality to block adult content and warns users of this beforehand.

The initial stages of Mykiosk will see units only accept bank notes and the minimum purchase will be R10, which gives the user 10 minutes of browsing time. Users can also opt to use the device as a Wi-Fi hotspot for R30 for a period of half an hour.The units will also support credit card payments.

Mykiosk is geared towards improving internet access for all.These kiosks will be populated in shopping malls, airports, hospitals and anywhere people spend time in transit around the country.



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