Ndikwakwane Financial Services


Ndikwakwane Financial Services is a specialist provider of cash loans. The institution was founded with the aim of bettering the lives of previously disadvantaged communities.Why choose Ndikwakwane Financial Services?

With the plethora of lending institutions available in in the South African market, Ndikwakwane Financial Services seeks to provide its clients with unique services.

The institution is a registered credit provider and complies with the National Credit Act. Clients are assured of transparent and regulated processes.

Ndikwakwane Financial Services provides cash loans to all contracted, flexible and permanent employees. The institution strives to meet the financial needs of as many South Africans as possible.

You can get access to loans from R100 to a maximum of R1000.

These loans are short term in nature, so you won’t have to spend years repaying them

You can use the loan to cover short term expenses such as paying for some utility bills or paying for some car maintenance needs. Maybe you need an extra boost of cash so you can afford fuel costs for the month. Or maybe you’ve just started a new job in a new area and you need extra money for taxi fare. Whatever it is you need, Ndikwakwane Financial Services is there to help you with their cash loans offers.

You won’t have to provide any form of collateral for these cash loans.

Applying is made easy. Simply send an email to hndukwane@gmail.com and a Ndikwakwane Financial Services representative will contact you to assist you.

Cash loans from Ndikwakwane Financial Services are flexible, so they can be tailored to suit your needs.


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