Nedbank Car Finance – Fast, Efficient and Flexible Car Finance Solutions


Buying a car can be a stressful experience, not to mention costly. The good news is that there are a number of ways in which you can work around the expenses that come with buying a car.  If you can’t afford to buy a car using cash upfront, Nedbank Car Finance may be the ideal solution for you. 

Nedbank Car Finance, which is now better known as MFC Finance has been designed to address one such need. As a registered credit provider, Nedbank strives to provide finance to individuals who can afford to make repayments comfortably, without causing too much strain on their pockets.

Tell me more about Nedbank Car Finance?

According to the new National Credit Act, individuals aren’t required to put down a deposit to buy a car. In addition to this, Nedbank Car Finance makes this process easier by also including flexible repayment periods. The instalment is also conveniently debited from your bank account monthly, taking the hassle out of the entire process.

Nedbank Car Finance provides finance for vehicles between R20 000 and R200 000.

The application process is fast and efficient. To apply, all you have to do is complete an application form at the dealership and provide all the necessary supporting documentation.

Nedbank will be in contact with the dealer regarding your application.

Qualifying Criteria for Nedbank Car Finance:

  • Be permanently employed
  • Earn a net salary of at least R3200 a month
  • Your salary must be electronically deposited into your bank account
  • You must be contactable on a landline telephone
  • Provide your most recent payslip
  • Provide your latest 3 months’ bank statements
  • Provide proof of residence
  • Provide your valid South African ID

For more information about Nedbank Car Finance, call: 0860 300 400 or visit their website


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