Nedbank greenbacks

nedbank greenbacks

The festive season is upon us and during this time of the year we spend more than we normally would. There are more sales during this time which makes it hard not to buy almost anything in the store. It would be much better if we could be rewarded for all our spending. Luckily Nedbank recognises this and presents (designed) the Greenbacks reward programme.

There are no complications with this programme, all that (what) is needed is to spend and by doing so earn Greenbacks. As a member of the programme all you would have to do is swipe your cheque or credit card in order to earn rewards. The more you swipe the more Greenbacks you earn so you can enjoy your Christmas shopping. Your spending will be like getting another Christmas present for yourself.

You can also double your rewards by swiping your American Express cheque or credit card. Nedbank makes sure that you don’t lose out on anything with a great deal of special offers and rewards to choose from. Don’t feel guilty this festive season about your spending knowing that you will be rewarded for it. You cannot earn rewards on cash withdrawals, fuel and casino chip purchases, and other fees such as card charges, taxes levied by government or Nedbank.

By obtaining a Greenbacks card you also reward yourself. Once you have Greenbacks to spend (you) can spoil yourself, invest, (can) take a holiday or save for a rainy day. This is the perfect time to get one because with all the festive spending, you don’t have to feel bad in January because you know that you have Greenbacks.

Your Greenbacks card will be linked to your current account and comes with automatic travel insurance, costs less than cheques and pays for almost anything. Apply online now at and earn rewards.
nedbank greenbacks


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