Nedbank Rewards and Affinities – How Greenbacks Can Work for You


Many banking institutions offer credit solutions in the form of credit cards for qualifying individuals.  A benefit of having a credit card often means that you can earn rewards which can benefit you in different ways.

Having a credit card comes with a range of advantages. It’s also a safer alternative to carrying cash and may come with a range of rewards.

Nedbank is a leading financial institution in South Africa that not only provides transactional banking services. The institution also provides savings, investment and credit solutions.

With its range of products and services, Nedbank has been able to give clients financial solutions which are personalized and suit individual needs.

The bank offers a range of credit cards. Nedbank Credit Cards are tailored to suit various people who have varied incomes. Having a credit card is a useful way of being able to buy goods and pay for services without having cash.

Tell Me More About Nedbank Rewards and Affinities?

Nedbank Affinities cards are for supporting good causes for art, sports, children and environment. Each time clients swipe their credit cards, Nedbank donates a certain percentage of purchases to any of the affiliated causes.

Cards are available as Visa, Mastercard, Cirrus and American Express.

Through Nedbank Rewards and Affinities you can earn Greenback. This means that you can earn rewards every time you spend on your linked credit and cheque card.

The rewards are easy to use, whether you need to shop, travel, invest or donate.

Shop: You can use your Greenbacks to shop at over 100 000 stores, to pay for fuel, shop online or even shop overseas wherever American express is accepted.

Travel: Use Greenbacks to book flights or accommodation.

Invest: You can convert your Greenbacks into unit trusts.

Donate: You can use the Greenbacks to donate to a wide range of charities.

Keep in mind that if you use your Nedbank American Express Card, you can earn Greenbacks faster.


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