Nedbank specialised finance


One of South Africa’s four giant financial service provider, Nedbank has a facility that provide a range of specialized finance structures that are designed to meet a consumer’s personal finance management needs.

The bank values people’s financial needs and understands that they require different capabilities and expertise when it comes to specialized finance structured deals.

As such, Nedbank provides the following facilities that are structured to meet your personal finance management needs:

A flexible and easily accessed consolidated structured lending, floating interest rates linked to the prevailing prime rate, fixed interest rates or forward fixed rates and a fully accessible facility-withdrawals do not incur penalties. You will also benefit from an option of multiple sub-accounts for multiple assets or personal administrative and/or debit order requirements let alone commercial property finance.

Apart form the above, Nedbanks’ specialized finance also offer finance of selected property development projects, equity-geared lending and preference share lending.

Products and services
The product features the following products and services:

  • Structured lending: The bank’s structured lending offers inventive and adaptable solutions that match its clientele’s individual requirements. This product is a combined loan access facility safeguarded by a range of acceptable security. It is well known for its uniqueness, borrower centeredness let alone that it provides a comprehensive solution-based lending package as opposed to the traditional product based lending approach.
  • Aviation finance: This service caters for aircraft finance courtesy of the bank’s experts who are enabled to assist clients with insurance requirements of this service every step of the way. This was made possible through partnering with industrial specialists so as to meet a client’s individual needs with regards to anything from insurance to registration of aviation bonds. The bank offers installments sales, fixed rates and/or prime-linked rates and structured repayments.


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