Nerpo Financial Services, Providing Financial Support to Farmers


Agriculture remains an important sector of the economy in South Africa.The sector plays an important role in terms of job creation, especially in rural areas, but is also a foremost earner of foreign exchange. Agricultures prominent indirect role in the economy is a result of backward and forward linkages with other sectors. Purchase of intermediate goods and services form backward linkages with the manufacturing sector, while forward linkages are established through the supply of raw materials to industry. Approximately 70% of agriculture output is used as intermediate products. Agriculture is therefore a crucial sector and key driver of growth for the rest of the economy. One organisation making a difference in this sector is Nerpo Financial Services.

Established in the year 2000, Nerpo Financial Services has become an industry leader in Agricultural development finance and has been involved in providing sustainable broad spectrum of financial services to emerging farmers including credit, financial advice as well as short and long term insurance. Nerpos products are offered in two categories which are Nerpo livestock credit scheme and Nerpo farm machinery and infrastructure credit fund.

Nerpo livestock credit scheme loans are specifically tailor-made for the livestock industry, hence the terms and conditions of the loan takes into consideration all factors that affect the livestock industry.The approval process of this loan involves your local commodity association which implies that your application is recommended by your fellow farmers in your area.The added benefit is that interest rate is fixed at 8% making it the most affordable agricultural finance in the country.

Nerpo farm machinery and infrastructure credit fund is a credit line that provides emerging farmers with finance for infrastructural development in their farms.These include both fixed improvements and general farm machinery. Offered at a fixed interest rate of 4%, this fund caters for infrastructure such as farm machinery and implements, fixed improvements such as sheds and storage houses, irrigation, boreholes and water reservoirs as well as fencing and handling facilities.

Nerpo financial services can be contacted on 0123619127.


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