New iPhone Disadvantages

The new iPhone, launched in March 2016, the iPhone SE is a 4 inch smartphone with a similar design to the iPhone 5. With a Retina display, the phone is also a more affordable device and has been designed to offer consumers a quality mid-range at a more affordable price. While there is a lot to love about the new iPhone, there are also a number of disadvantages. 

High Cost

This isn’t new, but Apple iPhones can be quite costly. It doesn’t seem like this will be changing any time soon either. With each new iPhone that is introduced into the market, it comes with a premium price. If you can’t afford to buy the iPhone for cash upfront, the good news is that there are numerous contracts available.

No 3D Touch

If you own an iPhone 6 and you’re considering making the switch to the new iPhone, you’ll be disappointed to know that the iPhone SE doesn’t come with 3D Touch support. This feature lets you control some software by exerting pressure on the touch screen.

Slower Touch ID

The new iPhone, while on the same level with the iPhone 6 in terms of speed and performance, has a slower fingerprint sensor.

Small screen

Even though the retina display is an exciting feature to the iPhone SE, the small screen might not be so attractive.

Lower quality front facing camera

The 1.2 MP FaceTime camera is one of the most disappointing features of the new iPhone. Selfie lovers won’t enjoy using this camera because instead of the crisp clear picture quality they’ve come to associate with the iPhone, they’ll get grainy images.

Less durable

Unlike the iPhone 6, the new iPhone has no ion-strengthened glass.

Limited storage capacity

Users only have the option of a 16GB or a 64GB version. This is likely to get a thumbs-down from iPhone 6 users accustomed to 128 GB of storage space.



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