Old Mutual iWyze Car Insurance


Getting car insurance is more of a necessity nowadays. Rampant car theft and hijacking in South Africa means that many people have to protect their assets. The increasing number of cars on the roads means that the likelihood of you getting into a car accident is that much higher. Poor infrastructure on some of South African roads also increases the likelihood of your car damaged because of potholes. 

Old Mutual iWyze Car insurance will cover your car, bakkie or 4×4 against accidents, fire and theft and third party claims. Cover options are designed to suit your needs and budget.

Old Mutual iWyze Car insurance is offered in the form of:

Comprehensive cover

This provides cover against accidents, fire and theft. It also provides cover against claims by third parties where you are liable for their damage.

In terms of accident cover, the damaged car will be repaired; replaced or Old Mutual will pay out the amount of the damage.

Third Party, Fire and theft cover

This is cover for when your vehicle is stolen or damaged by fire, lightning, explosion or attempted theft. Old Mutual will pay to repair or replace your car, or it will pay out for damages.

Third Party only cover

If you are involved in an accident, Old Mutual iWyze Car insurance will compensate the other person involved for costs and expenses that you become legally liable for.

Additional Benefits that you can get with Old Mutual iWyze Car Insurance include:

Car Hire

If your car is stolen or damaged, Old Mutual will pay for your actual car hire charges.

Credit Shortfall

Old Mutual will pay the registered financial company involved, any difference between the insured value of your vehicle and the amount still owing on your credit agreement.

Emergency Medical Expenses

This will provide compensation for an injured passenger

Further benefits include Trauma counselling, vehicle keys, locks and remotes benefits and an Emergency Accommodation expenses benefit.

To get a quote, call 0860 93 94 93 or get a quick car insurance quote online.



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