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Oneplan Health

One Plan is a short-term insurance product, not a medical aid. In a country like South Africa, where just over 13% of people can afford medical aid, it has become more of a luxury. Many people have come to rely on medical insurance as an alternative solution.

Why choose One Plan?

With over 6000 claims processed per month, One Plan is popular mainly because it provides immediate access to funds. Claims can be processed within a minutes – using a mobile phone. With One Plan there is no tedious paperwork or admin.

One Plan has also lowered the entry barrier to viable health cover.

Tell Me More About the One Plan Care 99 plan?

Available for R 99 per month, the One Plan Care 99 plan provides accident cover, accident disability cover and family death cover. Ambulance and emergency services are also provided.

There is no waiting period for accident cover (up to R100 000 per insured event.) Pre-existing disability cover is excluded.

The reality in today’s harsh economic environment is that many South Africans simply can’t afford to pay for exorbitant medical costs.

One Plan Health Insurance has tapped into this niche market by offering unique insurance products.

Underwritten by Zurich Insurance, One Plan Health Insurance pays you before you see the doctor. The company loads money onto your OneCard, so that you swipe for a consultation. It may also be used in conjunction with your medical Aid to cover any shortfalls that you may have. This type of insurance falls under the Short-Term insurance Act, so consumers are protected from unscrupulous insurance products.

Benefits of choosing One Plan Health Insurance

  • You are able to benefit from cover for health events at fixed or specific amounts
  • It includes personal accident risk cover
  • Cover may include death and/or funeral cover
  • The cover pays directly to the insured, so there are no lengthy waiting periods
  • The cover can be used in conjunction with medical aid to cover any shortfall

For more information about One Plan Care 99,

Call: 010 001 0141


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