One Plan Health Insurance

One Plan Health Insurance

One Plan Health Insurance is insurance cover that provides you with finances for your medical needs. It is not a medical aid, but can be used in conjunction with it to cover any shortfall that you may have.

Quality health services are not cheap in South Africa and many people are unable to afford medical aid. While the public health system in the country is used by the majority of citizens, most healthcare professionals ply their trade in the private healthcare sector. Various medical procedures can be quite costly and require citizens to be able to afford to pay a significant amount of money.

A health service that provides a viable alternative to medical aids is health insurance.

One Plan Health Insurance provides access to funds immediately, so there is no tedious paperwork and administration.

The range of products offered is designed to meet specific individual health needs.

Hospital and Health Care Cover:

  • Core R265
  • Blue R485
  • Professional R620
  • Executive R780
  • Elite R995
  • Premier R1240

Health Care Cover:

  • Health R280

The online Plan Calculator helps you to find a plan that best suits your health cover needs. You are able to calculate what type of cover you will be able to afford on a monthly basis.

One Plan Health Insurance has used card technology to empower individuals, which shortens the claims process significantly.

What are the benefits offered by One Plan Health Insurance?

  • You will be able to get cover for unforeseen events according to cover limits
  • This cover falls under the Short Term Insurance Act
  • You are able to benefit from cover for health events at fixed or specific amounts
  • It includes personal accident risk cover
  • Cover may include death and/or funeral cover
  • The cover pays directly to the insured, so there are no lengthy waiting periods



To contact One Plan Health Insurance, call: 010 001 0141 or send an email to

You can also process claims through the USSD claim system by dialling:


Visit their website here:


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