Our Top 5 Ways to Make Money at Home


There are hundreds, if not thousands of ideas for home-based businesses.

If you’re good at cooking or baking catering is a good choice or you could provide freelance services of consulting, writing, photography or proofreading.

It all depends on the type of business you’ll be conducting from your home. And the possibilities are endless once you’ve discovered what you good at. Here’s a list of the top 5 ways to make money at home.

1) Catering

Is a very well-known home business to have and whether you’re cooking or baking you can make and sell food products. Just by finding your favourite recipe and selling it, such as biscuits, vetkoek, koeksisters, muffins, cakes, jams or pickled vegetables. Sell them to friends, family, neighbours, coffee shops and even corporate offices. It’s an easy enough business to start small with low capital, charge to replace ingredients, and make profit to build up reserves.

2) Become an Events or Wedding planner

This has become a popular skill to take up. Start small by helping to plan friends and family members wedding to gain the necessary experience to then have the confidence to approach outside clients and corporates. If you have style, an eye for detail and are good at organising and putting events together, then this may just be right up your alley.

3) Freelance writer

Just like any profession out there you’re selling a skill. And your contribution as a writer is needed, especially in today’s highly competitive information age. Therefore you can utilise your writing talents whilst working from home. If you have a computer and email address it’s easier for you to write a pitch to your potential client.

4) Offer Day Care services

This can be an option to make money from home if you have a love for children and experience in teaching and caring for kids. You can look after children and take care of them until their parents return home from work.

5) Or become a Car Mechanic

If you have a love for cars, know the workings of a car and love working on cars and friends keep asking you to help fix theirs. You can start renting your services out, starting with advice, then assisting and then taking full control of car repair work.


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