Overcoming Financial Debt – Getting Out of the Debt Cycle


Falling into debt no longer needs to be the dread it was before. There are now numerous ways of overcoming financial debt. A number of strategies can be used to improve your financial standing.The financial industry is filled with many terms and financial instruments which may be confusing and difficult to understand. It’s important to make informed decisions so as to avoid worsening your financial situation.

How Debt Counsellors can help

Debt counsellors can help you with managing your debt and finances more effectively. Debt counsellors help individuals who are over-indebted. (This means that income is insufficient to cover living expenses and paying for debt.) Debt counsellors negotiate on your behalf with creditors, coming up with a solution that will allow you to pay your debt off effectively. They will conduct a thorough investigation into your financial situation and devise plans and recommendations to help you to overcoming your debt. They may share these recommendations with your creditors and the courts where necessary.

Debt Review

Once you are under debt review, your creditors may take any legal action against you. They are required to await the outcome of the debt counsellor’s initial investigation before attaching any assets. If you are found to be over-indebted, you will be assisted with a debt management plan to help you with overcoming your debt. Debt Review doesn’t have an effect on one’s credit record, but can be useful for eventually improving one’s credit rating.

The Cost of Debt Counselling

Using the services of a debt counsellor may come at a fee. This fee is a worthwhile spending of funds, in order to be provided with sound financial planning advice. Debt counsellors will help you to uncover some of your worst spending patterns and find ways of changing this behaviour.

Debt Consolidation

This form of debt solution is an effective way of overcoming financial debt. Useful for individuals who are struggling to pay off multiple debts, this solution allows individuals to merge their existing debt into one monthly repayment, usually at a lower interest rate. Repayments are lowered and the term lengthened, giving you more breathing space and more cash in hand.

Credit card interest can be exceptionally high. Some institutions charge in excess of 25%. When taking living expenses into account, managing this debt may be challenging. Consolidation loans can be a safer way to obtain extra cash instead of opting for credit cards. Enticing factors of debt consolidation are the lower monthly repayments, which make it more affordable in the long run.

It’s important to consider all options before using debt consolidation as an option. Make sure that the amount you are paying is not more than what you initially owed your creditors.

Some practical Solutions for getting out of the debt cycle

Negotiating with creditors to lower interest rates can help.

Consider all the financial factors that have led to getting trapped in a debt cycle.

Formulate a financial strategy going forward.

Change your attitude and outlook regarding your finances.

Become more responsible about managing your money.]Ensure that you pay your debts on time.


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