Oxygen OS 5.0.3 For One Plus 3/3T


One Plus smartphones are a new addition to the array of devices on the market. Largely dominated by Apple and Samsung, making inroads into this arena can be challenging. With Apple’s sleek game-changing designs and rival manufacturer Samsung’s stylish handsets, brands such as One Plus have quite a challenging journey. 

Despite this, there is still room in the smartphone device market for new models and software, such as Oxygen OS 5.0.3. 

The One Plus 3/3T devices are set to get this update to its software. 

More about Oxygen OS 5.0.3 for One Plus 3/3T: 

The update includes a new design for app shortcuts and a map view of photos by location. In addition to this, the update includes the most recent security patch. 

The actual update is 594MB in size and allows for a much-improved experience. A full stable release has been confirmed for all devices. 

The One Plus company is maintaining focus on consistent software updates, which also bring fixes.  

What more do we know about the Oxygen OS 5.0.3 for One Plus 3/3T update? 

The announcement was made on the official One Plus forums. The supported devices have already begun activating the updates. 

Based on Android 8.0 Oreo, it includes Face Unlock. To use this feature, all users have to do is look at their phones and press the power button for the phone to unlock. On the negative side, this technology isn’t as secure as fingerprint sensors. 

The update also brings new features for Launcher, Gallery, File Manager and Weather. 

Before installing, users need to check for the OTA notification.  

How to install Oxygen OS 5.0.3 for One Plus 3/3T: 

Go to Settings>System updates on your phone 

It’s important to perform a full backup of personal data, including internal storage. The device should also be sufficiently charged to avoid shutdowns during the update process. 

It’s advisable to install on PC too, so there is always a successful connection between the phone and PC.


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